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Remember when we woke up before the sun in a feeble attempt to squeeze everything into one day?

Remember when our days were nothing more than a tight string of one hour blocks?

Remember when we had to figure out who was going to take which kid where and when we would have time to get homework done?

Remember when we ate dinner at 8:00pm because it was when we were all finally home?

Remember when we put on make up and real clothes (not just leggings and t-shirts) and wore shoes for things other than walking the dog?

Speaking of dogs, remember when they spent hours at home waiting for us to come home?

Remember when we could not fathom how we could ever get a break, how we could ever just find the pause button? We have to do it all we used to say. We can’t sit still. There’s too much to do.

That mysterious far away time was one week ago.

Seven days ago I dropped my kids off at school not realizing that their teachers were going to be spending the day preparing my little ones for a world they had never seen before.

One week ago I was baffled by the thought of buying groceries in case we became quarantined.

In fact less than two weeks ago our trip to San Fransisco was still on the books and we would have been in California at this very moment. I am grateful to be sitting at my kitchen table instead.

In one small week our house has become a school, a gym, and an office, but most importantly is has come to define family in its purest form.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not see this time as an all-positive scenario but here we are so why not look for the good?

In a week’s time I have seen this country go from a place where no one had time for anything or anyone to a place where we are surrounded by time and community and it has caused us to refocus, to be grateful, and to be patient. Pretty sure these were all things we were supposed to be doing regardless but it seemed we just never had the time. (we seem to have plenty of time now)

In this endless supply of time I have felt my mind begin to slowly clear as my focus is now solely within these four walls and on the five creatures living within them. I have found that it is suddenly easier to listen to my kids stories and to take a second to just stop and watch them move and smile. Sitting on the couch not doing anything in particular is beginning to feel less foreign as I am able to allow myself to just sit. And surprise surprise I seem to have much more energy at the end of the day perhaps thanks to sleeping and not running from one block of time to the next.

There is no guilt or “we should” thoughts, because no one else is going anywhere or doing anything. We won’t feel like we missed out because for once, we are all in the same place doing the same thing. The great social equalizer is here and it is my hope that we embrace this time and learn some lifelong lessons from it.

The other night I watched as celebrities did videos from their homes in jeans and a t-shirt with their kids crawling all over them. They shared artwork their kids made and stories of teaching their kids math and it made me realize how those moments are things that really matter now and will really matter later.

Someday our grandkids and our great grandkids will be asking us “Remember When?” and I want to have my collection of stories ready so that they can hear about a slow and focused time when kindness and gratitude prevailed and our priorities were reset.

Be Well Friends.

Diabetic Mama of Twins fueled by my family, working out, eating, dog walking, getting lost in the woods and insulin. Writing to share the journey this Type 1 diagnosis has taken me on since 2007.

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  • Diane

    I remember growing up in a slower more laid back time. When people sat and didn’t focus on anything particular. Daydreaming about how things could be and would be. Nothing to do right now but, enjoy the company of family.
    Thank you for sharing.

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