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Honey Can You Find My Insulin Pump?: A New Way To Annoy My Husband With My Diabetes

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My husband puts up with his fair share of diabetes related annoyances.  Insulin pump alarms in the middle of the night, my bad moods when my sugars aren’t behaving, and a 13-year boycott of Chinese restaurants due to inevitable high blood sugar extremes.  He takes it all, grumbles just a little, and is my source of calm constantly reminding me that this is just life, no big deal.  Well friends, we have a new annoyance that, thankfully, we are now laughing about.  Asking the question, “Honey can you find my insulin pump?” is officially a new way to annoy my husband with my diabetes.   

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Florida With My Family

As some of you know, we recently traveled to Florida to visit my family for a week.  While we are staying at my parents’ house I like to make use of their community pool and swim laps.  Getting your workout done in the sunshine with palm trees swaying above is something I think of often when it is January and I am hopping into the indoor pool at the Y.  

I set my alarm a bit earlier on Wednesday morning with the great intention of getting into the pool while there was still some shade over the water.  I packed my bag, grabbed a small bite to eat and got my suit on.  

Side Note

Getting a one-piece swimsuit on with an insulin pump attached to your belly is no easy task.  Any female diabetic reading this who has attempted this feat knows that it takes concentration to avoid tangling your insulin pump tubing in the straps.  

Trying on clothes in a fitting room with an insulin pump is also one of life’s little joys.  I have finally resorted to just disconnecting after I got tired of holding my pump in my mouth while trying on new clothes.  Oh, the glamour of diabetic fashion.

Flip Flopping To The Pool

With everything packed I was ready to head out to the pool, which is approximately a 10 minute walk from my parents’ house.  I flip flopped my way to the pool only to realize once I opened the gate that I don’t have my insulin pump.  

No worries, Tim is coming up to the fitness center soon and can bring it with him.  I texted Tim and told him where it was. I thought this would certainly be an easy solution.  

As I waited for his response I realized I forgot to bolus for the small amount of food I ate before I left the house.  Again, no worries as I know he will be coming soon with my pump.

Below is a picture of the conversation to follow….

My brain fart resulted in my husband, my mom and my kids pulling apart the closet in search of my pump.

Million Dollar Question

Anyone want to guess where my pump was?

If you guessed attached to my body, you are today’s big winner.

And…would anyone care to guess when I discovered my sneaky little pump?  

Only after walking halfway back home…of course.

I was convinced that I had disconnected it to put my suit on and set it down in the closet.  Before I texted Tim I checked my waist but failed to feel between my back and my backpack.  I do believe this proves that wearing my insulin pump truly feels more normal than not wearing my pump.  

I went on with my swim and happened to spot my husband as he walked past the pool on his way to the fitness center.  The amount of head shaking being dished out could have filled the pool.  

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Life Is Not Lived Without Being Able To Laugh At Yourself

This story is now a family joke and it is not likely I will live it down anytime soon.

All I can say is this, “I’m a diabetic. I’m a mom. I forget things…really obvious things.”

Have a great day and may you find a way to laugh at yourself at least once today. Stay humble and laugh often.

Diabetic Mama of Twins fueled by my family, working out, eating, dog walking, getting lost in the woods and insulin. Writing to share the journey this Type 1 diagnosis has taken me on since 2007.

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