Thank You Summer Vacation

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Dear Summer Vacation,

It has come to my attention that you will be leaving us tomorrow morning at 8:40am and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you prior to your departure.

Thank you for the beautiful weather that beckons us out of our houses and reminds us to save the museums, movie theaters and malls for when the weather threatens to freeze our eyelashes together.  Summer expands our world to include new hiking trails, playgrounds and patios.  Eating outside becomes the norm and the grill becomes the most used kitchen appliance.  Thank you for filling my lungs with fresh air and my eyes with the beauty that changes every day as the flowers bloom and the sun sets.


Thank you for another adventure in gardening and for teaching me to never throw pumpkins in my garden to compost in fall.  I guess I should thank you for the ten pumpkins growing in my garden.  Perhaps next year I will be able to thank you for tomatoes, as this year it appears the pumpkins have taken over.



Thank you for giving us three sun filled months to stick our toes in the sand and splash in the water.  We had weeks when we lived in our swimsuits and used every beach towel we owned.  The trunk of my car now resembles a sand box as the sand toys and beach chairs set up residence in my car for the last three months.  We found new pools and waterslides and visited old favorite beaches with good friends and lots of snacks.  Thank you for three months where it is ok to go into a store in a beach coverup with wet hair and sand on your feet.


Thank you for long summer nights that teach us to sit and just be.  Some nights were spent looking at the stars and watching fireflies and some were spent eating good food and listening to live music in our amazing hometown.


Thank you for cool summer mornings that allowed for long walks with my best fur buddy who doesn’t mind when we stop just to stare at the magnificent view of the lake.


Thank you for three months when getting dressed requires no thought further than tank tops, shorts and sandals.  My toes are happy.

Thank you for teaching my kids to get lost in their imaginations while wandering outside.  So many days were filled with the sound of my girls and the neighbors creating boundless worlds with nothing more than their bikes, sticks, scarves, and jump ropes.  Thank you for letting us catch frogs, caterpillars and dragonflies and watch baby deer and cranes follow closely behind their mamas.  You have taught my kids lessons they will  always carry with them and allowed them to truly be kids.



Thank you for time.  Time spent doing nothing and everything with the people I love most.  Time spent on new adventures and time spent on family traditions.  Time spent listening and time spent teaching.  Time spent with little hands in mine and time spent conquering new feats in independence.  Thank you for the minutes and the moments that truly matter in life.





Thank you summer vacation for coming around every year just when we truly need it most.  You are a gift that prepares us to take on a new school year and while you will be missed, I know that my girls are ready for the challenge and adventure of a new school year.


Til we meet again, we will hold the warmth of summer in our hearts and minds.  Thank you sweet summer vacation, you were one of the best we’ve ever had.

Your Biggest Fan,

The Kapturs




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