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Remarkable Customer Service From A Flamingo Named Carl: Why I Love Goodr Sunglasses

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Many of you have likely noticed my favorite green sunglasses in many of my posts.  In fact, many of you have messaged me to ask where I got them.  The same question was asked numerous times at the beach this summer and I was more than happy to share Goodr Sunglasses great name.

When a company does everything right it deserves to be put in the spotlight.  Goodr Sunglasses has earned this spotlight this summer by providing a fantastic product and customer service (from a flamingo named Carl) that goes above and beyond the norm.


So here is the story of a pair of little green sunglasses that most definitely did not disappoint.

It a was cold but sunny day in December when these little green beauties caught my eye in a local running shop.  They were hanging out with their crazy colorful family and it was impossible to resist walking by without trying on a pair.

I was drawn to the crazy green hue and later found out that this particular pair was called “Dat Dank Easter Grass”.  As if there could be any other name to describe their color.

goodr fiona

These glasses had brothers and sisters with similar bright colors and names like “Sunbathing with Wizards”, “A Sweater Vest For Your Face”, “Nocturnal Voyage Of The Yellow Submarine”, and “Opossum’s Opposable Thumbs”.  As you can see this company does not risk taking life too seriously.

After sliding them onto my face I was allowed to step outside to test the lens which was immediate proof that these glasses were the real deal.  Polarized lens that made colors pop against the pure white snow.

I placed them back on the rack, positive that glasses this good had to be out of my price range.

Side Note:  My price range for sunglasses, while never very high, has shrunk considerably since entering the mom club.  I have a strict rule not to pay over $30 for a pair of glasses that I will likely lose, sit on, or drop.  $30 is my breaking point for something that will likely spend days covered in sand, fingerprints, paint, and sun lotion all at the same time.  

Purely out of curiosity I asked how much they were and was ecstatic to hear “$25”.

“I’ll take em!”

These glasses have been to St. Louis, Florida and Hawaii, where, thanks to the excellent polarized lens, I was able to spot sea turtles under the water while standing on a cliff high above.  My green goggles have been on early morning runs, random adventures with my kids, and hundreds of dog walks and all without bouncing or slipping.

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goodr HI

goodr hi 2

goodr girls

goodr beach

Through all my adventuring my glasses did their best to keep up.  Unfortunately, my lens started to show signs of tagging along with me everyday and the reflective coating began to wear off.


I wasn’t ready to let go and I had faith that a company cool enough to name a pair of sunglasses “Dat Dank Easter Grass” would have a customer service policy to match.

After contacting Goodr I received an email from Carl the Flamingo, Head of Customer Service (I’m not making this up.  He signed the email himself)  Carl informed me that they would be happy to send me replacement lens at no cost.  Carl asked for two pictures of my lens and the model name and assured me everything would be taken care of.

The next day I was contacted by Carl informing me that “Dat Dank Easter Grass” was a limited edition that no longer existed.  Panic!!

Wait for it….

In order to make things right Carl asked me to pick a brand new pair at no cost!  What??!!!  A company standing by their product and taking care of their customers?  Unheard of!!

I wandered through their website and selected “Gardening with the A Kraken” to be the newest member of my Goodr family.

They have been well received and are quickly making good friends with the front side of my face and the top of my head.

IMG_7781 IMG_7736

If you imagine a world where you can get a high quality pair of sunglasses for less than $30, from a company that stands behind their product, then it is time for you to check out Goodr glasses.  The colors and names will make you smile and the price and quality will make you a customer for life.

Looking for a great way to keep your Goodr glasses safe while parade-watching, pumpkin growing, river floating or perhaps kid chasing?  This is a great strap (also lovingly called an “idiot string”) for keeping your glasses close by.  Trust me these are glasses you won’t want to lose!!


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