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If You Find Yourself Floating Down A River, Put Your Insulin Pump In One Of These

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We went on a wonderful adventure today floating down the Wolf River just north of Oshkosh, WI.  It was a day full of laughing kiddos, cloudless skies, snacks, and life long memories.  It was something that I always wanted to do and I am so thankful for a dear friend who gave us all the nudge.


About a week ago it struck me that I would need to find a way to keep my phone dry (simple) and my insulin pump safe and dry (not so simple).  I ordered a dry bag for my phone ,which came as a two pack, with the hopes that it would also work for my insulin pump.


The bag was perfect for my phone however, due to the need for my insulin pump tubing to stick out of the bag I was unable to seal the phone bag.  I happened upon this Travelon Floating Phone Bag and thanks to its roll top I was able to seal it with my tubing still hanging out.  The bonus about this pouch is that it also floats.

We got all the kiddos suited up and covered in sun lotion.  I got my glucose meter, snacks, and glucose tablets nestled in a dry bag in the cooler we took on the river and slipped my pump into this waterproof pouch.  Honestly, I was a bit nervous the first time it got wet thanks to Maisy tipping over in her tube and the need for mom to come to the rescue.  Once I got my giggling, wet, seven year old back in her tube I looked at my pump and…dry as can be.


I had easy access to my pump throughout the whole trip making it easy for me to see my glucose sensor readings and give myself a bolus when needed, without taking it out of the pouch.

We finished the trip with all the kids we started with and I finished the trip with a dry pump.  A Type 1 Diabetic victory and a reminder that this disease will not stop me from doing the things I love.


Looking for a great waterproof pouch for your next adventure?  Click these links and take a look!

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