When Mom Calls In Sick On Mother’s Day: Little Joys And Unexpected Gifts

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Inside: What happened when I called in sick on Mother’s Day.  Why we all need to pause and savor the little joys of being a mom.

This weekend was Mother’s Day.  There were no flowers, there was no brunch.  I didn’t do my hair and I wasn’t wearing makeup.  In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t even shower.  It was quite possibly the best Mother’s Day since I became a participating member seven years ago.

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To set the stage, I came down with a cold out of what seems to be thin air.  Felt fine all-day Thursday….random sore throat Friday…total congestion and exhaustion Saturday.

I will never understand how you can feel fine when you wake up in the morning only to have that dreaded sore throat feeling by the time you go to bed. Seriously?  Isn’t there a little warning flag that could go up to tip you off as to what was coming?  Nope, totally blindsided.

My Cold Theory

My mom and I have a theory about colds.  We are firm believers that colds are our bodies way of forcing us to slow down and take a break.  It never fails, when we lock in to hamster-wheel mode, and we are doing too much, our bodies have a snotty little way of telling us to sit our butts down.

My mom and I both try to fight it at first.  We try to keep spinning through the first signs of a cold until KAPOW!  It’s couch time. (Check out the end of this post for my go-to cold remedies)

It’s a wonderful trait I inherited from my mother.

This has happened time and time again and every time the lesson is the same.  There are little joys happening all around me but they will go unnoticed if I don’t slow down.

Little Joys

This Mother’s Day was a pure example of the little joys that come from being a mom and I could have easily missed them had I not been forced to slow down and enjoy the view from my couch.

  • The Joy:  Sleeping in until 8:30

I remember those early years when a full night of sleep would have been an unthinkable luxury.  I also remember a time when we had a baby gate stretched across our living room because we couldn’t imagine leaving the girls to wander the house alone for even a minute.  Now I have two girls who typically wake up early on weekends to quietly watch TV and have never tried to burn the house down, not even a little bit.

  • The Joy:  Two kiddos who made their own breakfast and lunch

So many hours spent in the kitchen with little people underfoot.  Cleaning up endless spills, watching over them as they used knives for the first time, and teaching them that toast covered in Nutella, honey, and cinnamon/sugar does not qualify as a “healthy” start to the day.  These lessons took time, endless repeating and lots and lots of paper towel, but now my girls have real life skills that will last them a lifetime.

  • The Joy:  A collection of handmade presents including handwritten letters and a recipe for Dirt Cake

I have two kiddos who can write and read and love going to school.  It is mind blowing to think that just over a year ago I could leave their Christmas list out in the open, knowing they could not read it.  Now my kiddos are consistently improving in reading and writing their own stories.  Most importantly, they love learning and have pride in the new things they can do.

(Side Note: If given a choice between Birthday Cake and Dirt Cake, Dirt Cake wins every time)

  • The Joy:  Two kiddos who got dressed without arguing and looked adorable

There was a time not too long ago when pants were an unsolvable mystery and shoes were consistently put on the wrong feet.  It was only after constant reminders and exhausting how-to’s that I can now say that we have mastered pants and even know how to tie shoes. Miracles never cease and parenting never stops.

  • The Joy:  A favorite story with my two littles curled up next to me before bed

They may be getting bigger but we still have storytime and they still fight over who gets to sit on my lap.  They still let me hold their hand as we walk into school and they still need a mom hug when they fall down.  I love how they have grown and I love seeing all the things they have learned, but I also love all the things that haven’t changed.

The Quiet Rhythm

Everyone will tell you that being a mom is hard work.  This is an undeniable truth and one that is never completely realized until you are standing in your living room asking a little person to pick up their socks for the 10th time.

I still tell my mom that I am amazed at the consistency and strength needed to be a mom.  No one can prepare a mom for the amount of repetition required to accomplish even the simplest task.

Still, in the midst of all that work, nagging, and yes, yelling there is something growing and strengthening.  Yesterday I was reminded of the unspoken rhythm and unbreakable bond I have formed with these two tiny creatures over the last seven years.  It reminded me that my favorite mom moments are not found in the perfectly planned, over-the-top, moments.  Instead, they are found in the quiet hum of doing, and the peaceful pace of just being together.

Life will always be busy.  

Mom’s will always find it hard to relax.  

Make it a practice to pause, just for a moment. Celebrate the mundane, smile at the usual, and find joy in the little things. 

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My Favorite Cold Remedies

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