5 Cheap Ways To Organize Your Kids Room

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Kids are like action figures and Barbies, they all come with accessories or as we call it, “stuff”.  Every time they walk in the door is an new opportunity for more “stuff” to enter my house.  I have fought the battle and will continue to fight.  Here are 5 cheap ways to organize your kids’ room that we have found work pretty well in our house.

As you know from my previous posts, we have twin seven year old girls.  The tips listed below are not girl specific.  They are “stuff” specific.  I would love to hear what tips and tricks you use in your house.  Please leave me a comment below and if you like this post please share.

1. The Over The Door Hair Bow Clean Up

My girls grew their bangs out last summer.  This meant mom had to come up with creative ways to tie back their hair.  Hair ties, tiny rubber bands, bows and headbands quickly consumed my bathroom.

I found this over the door shoe organizer in my basement, the result of a well intended organizing project that never got finished.  While I never got around to using this for shoes I discovered that it works perfectly for organizing everything hair related.

Take all of your hair accessories and dump them all in a pile.  Lay this little guy out flat and start stuffing the pockets.  I have a pocket for headbands, one for hair ties, one for clips, etc.  You can clip all the large bows onto the outside of the pockets and hang the headbands from the top.  Unlike us, if you have extra pockets, you can use them for hairbrushes and hair products.

This hangs in my kids room which is right next to the bathroom so we are only a step away from anything we need in the morning and the clear pockets make it easy for my kids to help put stuff away in the right spot.

2. Stuffed Animal Bean Bags

I recently found this wonderful idea on Instagram and purchased two of them for my kids.  These bean bags come with no stuffing.  Instead, your kids can use all their stuffed animals as the stuffing.

These bean bags hold an incredible amount of stuffed animals, have a sturdy handle, and are made of super tough, washable fabric.  Our girls were ecstatic to stuff these bags and I was overjoyed as I got all of the bins of stuffed animals out of my basement closet.

The funniest part is when you sit on a stuffed animal that makes noise and the bean bag starts to sing or talk to you.

3. Homework Bins

First grade brings the world of homework into your house.  I do not have the time and more certainly not the patience to look for lost papers.  I also don’t need to search for a pencil, eraser, or scissors while I am making dinner.

These bins have helped teach my kiddos that school stuff has a place…and that is not on my living room floor. This simple solution just requires a bin with dividers and common school supplies (pencils, scissors, markers, erasers, and paper).

Disclaimer:  Putting these bins in your house does not guarantee that your kids will put all the supplies back after using them.  They may put them near the bin or maybe in the same room but putting things inside the bin is an unsurmountable challenge.

Am I alone on this?  Leave me a comment below and please tell me why this is so hard.

4. Tangled Fancy Jewelry

“Mom can you untangle this for me?”  This is a question I hear all too often as we are trying to get out the door and I am trying to cram my last bite of breakfast in my mouth and stir my coffee at the same time.  Kids necklaces must do a dance at midnight only to drop into a twisted ball come morning.  No more 30 second knot challenges.  I am not Houdini.

We repurposed an old coat hook but I recently found these cute coat hooks that would make a perfect jewelry hanger.  I like the coat hooks because I can put it on the wall and the hooks are large so you can fit the little kid, chunky jewelry on it.  If your fixing up a rummage sale find, let your kids help you paint it with craft paint if it is not super fancy looking.  When it’s dry ask them to hang only their favorites on the hooks.  Or, wait til they are at school and then selectively choose which necklaces and bracelets make the cut.

5. Don’t Touch The Fridge Calendar

I survived for so many years without a family calendar, and then my daughter started to play hockey.  Suddenly  keeping track of practice times and locations, in addition to our other weekly activities became impossible and we were destined to forget something.

This calendar was my husbands idea and it has been a game changer.  The one in our house is magnetic and shows the whole month.  It comes with dry erase markers in multiple colors and each marker has an eraser on the cap.  Additionally, these markers are none staining which means our calendar still looks pretty enough to stay on the fridge.  Our girls love the calendar because they love to countdown to vacations and birthday parties.

Make Organizing Kid Accessible

Through writing this post I realize there is a theme to these tricks and perhaps it is the reason these have been successful.  The 5 cheap ways to organize your kids’ room listed above all allow for kids to be involved in the process.

I can’t expect my kids to help clean up if they can’t reach the hook or lift a heavy lid.  Instead look for ways to create an environment where kids can help around the house without assistance.  This can then be a starting block in the life long lesson of being responsible.

I’m am absolutely not saying that you won’t have to ask your kids 15 times before it gets done, but with time a stray pencil just may find its way back to the homework bin.

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