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I spent today not writing a new post, but instead cleaning up my existing posts, adding new menus to the homepage and learning new things about different blogging services and apps.

In doing this I was reminded of how very far this little blog has come from my first post, when I didn’t even know how to publish it or add pictures. I also saw, as I do everyday, how very much there is to learn.

At times this all gets overwhelming but I have found that there is joy and peace in the doing, and putzing, and trying. This is new for me as I typically love to rush to the finish line. This is different. As much as I wish I could learn it all in a day I can honestly say that I am truly enjoying putting the pieces of this puzzle together. Each day there are teeny, tiny, ant sized things that I figure out and I celebrate at my kitchen table and Fiona looks up from her nap with a look that can only say, “Humans…”

Today I added something new to my site, Speaking Engagements. It is an area that I would like to explore more and one that I have had some experience with right after I was diagnosed.

I am actually one of those people who enjoys speaking to groups and over the course of starting this blog I feel like I have practiced talking to strangers more than I ever have before.

So this new part of the journey is out there now in the great wide open and now I come to you, my readers. If you like what you have been reading, are part of a group, and you think there may be a need for your group to hear some of the messages shared in my posts, please contact me and let’s talk.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of your support. You are the reason this journey is continuing to grow. Thank you my friends.

Diabetic Mama of Twins fueled by my family, working out, eating, dog walking, getting lost in the woods and insulin. Writing to share the journey this Type 1 diagnosis has taken me on since 2007.

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  • Agnes Sass


    You are really taking off—soaring to new adventures! I know you will encourage many people—not only diabetics, but many with physical problems. I am proud of your ambition.



    Agnes Sass

    25380 Galashields Circle

    Bonita Springs, Florida 34134


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