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Our trip to Florida is coming to an end as we sit on our plane and head north.  Looking back, the week was filled with so many happy new memories.  

I can see the girls riding their bikes, swimming in the pool for hours and hours on end, dying Easter Eggs and hunting for coin-filled eggs on the bottom of the pool.  

There were carefree hours spent at my grandparents’ house filled with talking, snacking and even some singing as my Grandpa played the piano.

My belly is full of delicious food I didn’t have to cook and my suitcase is full of clean clothes I didn’t have to wash.  There were no schedules, no to do lists and I had time to just sit.    

My girls have tiny treasures tucked in their bags like Ellie’s Nut House and Maisy’s goldstone rocks. They are also taking home memories that are completely their own complete with silly jokes with Grammie, seeing alligators, helping with Easter dinner, and the taste of homemade waffles every morning. 

Thank You Diabetes for Minding Your Manners

This week was a wonderful break in the action, a pause in our normal routine.  It was also, I’m happy to say, an excellent week of stable blood sugars.  

Typically, going on vacation and being out of my normal pattern causes my blood sugars to play games with me.  I typically feel like I am on a roller coaster of high numbers and low numbers with little ability to gain any control.  Despite how much fun we have there is usually that nagging feeling in the back of my head that my blood sugars are out of control.  It forces me to share some of my attention when all I want to do is relax and be with my family.

I usually leave Florida sad to leave but anxious to get back into my familiar routine with the hopes of getting my blood sugars back on track.  

This trip was different, and I honestly do not know why.  We ate delicious food, spent many hours just laying by the pool, and my blood sugars decided, for once, that they were ok with that.  

I was horribly superstitious this week and refused to say anything to anyone about how stable my readings were for fear that I would awake The Diabeast and be sent into a tailspin. Now as I sit on the plane I feel it is safe to say that this trip had the most stable blood sugar readings I have seen in a long time.

Thanks diabetes for not stealing the show this week and letting me focus on the really important things this week.   

My Weekly Summary from my blood sugar meter

The Mom Marathon Is About To Begin

After landing in Chicago, my pup was reunited with her pack.  She was so very happy and has been sucking up all the extra attention by the bucketful. Just a two hour drive and we would be back at our happy little house.  

The mom marathon started as soon as we hit the driveway.  Bags were unpacked at record pace thanks to a new method of three separate laundry baskets. One for things that needed to go in the girl’s room, one for things for the kitchen, and one for the basement. I must say things moved along pretty well and it saved me from walking laps around my house with little bits and pieces for each room.

After tackling the bags it was time to tackle food as we were all starving and my pump alarm was making me well aware of my dropping blood sugars. Thank goodness we didn’t finish all the apple juice before we left.

I ran over to Wal-Mart and was quickly reminded of just how spoiled I have become after using the pick up service over the last few months. I made it through the store as quickly as I could only to forget one thing which, of course, was at the very back of the store.

I went to the checkout and thought I had dodged a bullet by not choosing the line with the high school boy at the register. I assumed that a cart full of veggies had the possibility to throw him a curveball with all the veggie codes. Karma had it revenge as the checkout line I chose came complete with an associate who told me in detail how little she knew about cooking, that she was going to a movie later with friends, and that she has an aunt in Florida whose last name is Keys. “Isn’t that a weird name?”

Deep breaths. Practice patience. Insulin pump alarm. Low Blood Sugar. Patience slowly going out the window.

Head home, drink more apple juice while making dinner, and wait for Tim and the kids to come home from Ellie’s soccer practice.  I will tell you that a dinner of sloppy joe and steamed veggies tasted like a gourmet meal after a day of eating snacks on the plane.  

Mom Is Home

As we all did the dishes and I made sure the kids had their backpacks ready for tomorrow, I caught a glimpse of the sunset through my kitchen window. It is unmistakeable, mom is home, vacation is over, but I am happy because this is the little, somewhat chaotic, life we have created and it is full of joy.

After a week of relaxing it is time to breathe deep, refocus and embrace whatever new opportunities tomorrow may hold.  

Diabetic Mama of Twins fueled by my family, working out, eating, dog walking, getting lost in the woods and insulin. Writing to share the journey this Type 1 diagnosis has taken me on since 2007.

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