Today Was a Good Day

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Today was a day at the beach…

Today was spent building sand castles, riding waves and looking for shells.

Today’s biggest task was to sit on a blanket perfectly content to stare at the waves and think about nothing.

Today put sand between our toes (and every other part of us too), and ocean breezes through our hair.

Today we took a long walk on the beach discussing favorite colors, and the food you would pack on a desert island (Ellie’s choices – Dark Purple and Grilled Cheese.)

Today little bellies were filled with ice cream on the beach while watching boats sail by.

Today we saw birds soaring in the wind, their wings never moving. We all decided they were playing and wished we could join them.

Today new freckles came out of hiding and two little, sun-kissed beans quickly fell asleep against dad’s shoulders in the back seat.

Today was a beach day and today was a good day.

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