These Moments Remind Us To Breathe…

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The first day of vacation has always been a transition time for me as I am rapidly tossed from the chaos of packing and the airport into the slow down mode of relaxation on vacation. Try as I might I can not make the transition instantly but I know that as the sunny breezes blow and my kids splash in the pool each minute I am putting the stress and endless checklists behind me.

As I wrote in an earlier post, my family all lives in Florida so we spend a lot of time traveling south. We have the luxury of staying at my mom and dad’s house and when I say luxury, I mean Mom luxury.

Mom Luxury:

Mom luxury means that, thanks to the hard work of my mom, we have home cooked meals to eat (that I didn’t cook), favorite foods in the fridge (which I didn’t shop for), toys for the kids to play with and bikes to ride (which I didn’t pack), all of our toiletries and sunscreen ready (again, more that I didn’t need to pack), and the creme de la creme…when we leave I will have a suitcase full of clean laundry (which I didn’t need to fold!). Someone should really open a hotel based on the concept of taking care of you like your mom would, there is nothing better.

With all that pampering it still amazes me that it always takes a day to turn my brain off and enter the sweet state of relaxation. As a mom we don’t realize how making lists, schedules, and meals becomes our autopilot mode until we are told to turn it off. I find it so hard on the first day of vacation to just sit still.

I find myself wandering around their house looking for something to fold and convincing myself that there is no one that needs to be picked up or dropped off. There are no lunches to pack and there is no math homework to do. The only things on our check list are sitting, breathing, reconnecting, and just being with the ones we love.

Small Moments Remind Us To Take Notice:

Today, as I watched my daughters sleep on the plane, I realized that vacation has a way to slowly transition you into your vacation mindset. As I sat on the plane with her head in my lap I was unable to reach for my phone, set up my computer or even open my book. All I could do was just sit and play with her hair and look at her freckles. And this was enough.

I remembered all the flights that I have done this very same thing and smiled when I thought of how much she has grown during this time. She is a beautiful little soul and I am so thankful to be her mommy.

Her sister was curled up in the seat next to her and using her legs as a pillow. I thought of how thankful I was that they have had each other from the very beginning of their existence. The bond they have is something completely unique to them and it is stronger than any force on this planet.

This moment was not long as I found myself drift back to sleep but it was enough to make me take notice. Enough to remind me that the transition is beginning and the sooner I let go and remember to breathe, the sooner I can begin to enjoy all the things that come with spending time with those closest to us.

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