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This morning I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone and attended a coffee and conversations group hosted by a local mom based website, Lake Country Family Fun. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I knew that it was a place that I had to be. So without doing my normal routine of pondering it for days and weighing the pros and cons I bought my ticket and told my husband it was on the family calendar.

Today I walked into the room and was greeted by a table full of women and their business cards. Again, time to quiet my gut reaction which would have been screaming “why are you here? You don’t make small talk! Look at all these beautiful women, I bet there all know how to do “this”, whatever “this ” is, better than you! Put up your walls now!!!” But today I refused to even let that voice be a whisper. Today I walked into that room determined to stay open to any and everything that the day brought me.

We began the meeting with everyone going around the table introducing themselves and their business/blog/idea. The collections included real estate, professional organizing, fashion, breast cancer support, children’s health and wellness, and life coaches. So many different paths, but one thing we all had in common, we were taking steps towards something we are passionate about and we are ready to work as hard as it takes to make our goals a reality.

I had a chance to share my story and I was actually surprised by the honest level of interest from the table. I realized it was the first time I got to see someone face to face when I introduced my blog and my story. Up until now it has been all online. It was a shot of confidence to my heart to see that others genuinely cared about what I had to say and immediately wanted to offer their support and resources to get me started.

As I explained that I truly don’t know at this point where this journey will take me I saw nodding heads and smiles and people telling me “I said the same thing!” I began to realize that everyone had once been sitting where I am now. Anxious to learn and grow but without any clear direction. Fueled only by the desire to create something new and to move beyond the endless “what if’s” into the completely unknown world of “I’m doing it.” These women were all strangers to me but we all had an instant and powerful connection and I can honestly say you could feel the energy rise in the room as each person shared their story and project.

To say that it fuels my excitement for what I am doing with my blog would be a huge understatement. As we talked about setting goals and shared resources my excitement grew to empowerment. I truly do not know where this blog will take me but I am not worried about that right now. In this moment I know that love what I do and know that I have the power to make this journey into whatever I choose. I can now honestly say that I know real, live humans beings (not just online profiles) who have taken these same first steps and are in love with what they do. They are creating and doing and being what they choose.

Taking a risk and attending this event is in keeping with the pattern I seem to be following since I started this odd little journey. I have found since I took that first big scary step of posting my first blog post and getting my website that my focus has been to be open above all else. Open to whatever falls into my path and open to step out of my normal in order to find people and resources when that path doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. This is especially true when my instincts are telling me “You don’t do this. This isn’t You. Step back!!” That is when I know that I need to step forward and trust that there is something new to learn in that step.

Being a mom with diabetes is not easy but it is my life. I don’t have a choice in whether I have this disease of not but I do have a choice in how I live my life. I can choose to focus on the scary blood sugar lows, needles and costs or I can choose to focus on the empowering feeling I have every time I finish a workout and my blood sugars stay in range or the fact that I carried two healthy babies in my belly (at the same time!!). We all have a choice to continue to allow ourselves to stay in our preset formula for life or we can choose to bust out and take control knowing that ultimately we are responsible for how live this life.

I can choose to let diabetes limit me or I can find a way to do what I want in life and take diabetes with me as a passenger. Will it be easy? No. Will people tell me no, you shouldn’t or you can’t? Yes. Can I do it anyway? Yes. Can anyone else do it for me? No. That last one is so important. You can talk to friends, family, and mentors till your voice gives out but unless you make the decision to go after your goals and actually take the first uncomfortable step to do it will NOT happen.

Getting your blood sugars in range does not happen by telling others about carb counting and insulin dosing. It happens by making a conscience effort to make healthy food choices and take your meds consistently and on time. Learning to workout with diabetes does not happen by talking to other diabetic athletes about how they dose and what they eat before a workout because that is their personal concoction that works for them. Working out with diabetes successfully only happens after weeks and months and years of trial and error. It comes from trying different foods, different insulin timing, and being completely prepared when these trials backfire and your sugars go high or low. I have been going to the same spin class for over ten years. I still, to this day, try new strategies to make it through class.

I realize that this is the same mindset that I need to have as I venture out on my new Sweet Basal course. There will be a lot of trial and error and my goal cannot be mastering any one thing, but instead I need to be open to new opportunities, experiences and relationships. I need to remain willing to step beyond the typical me and know that change only comes from doing and doing comes with setbacks, but it also comes with successes.

My blog got 117 views one day this past week and it was exciting and humbling at the same time as it was a big milestone for a newbie like me. I am creating the opportunity for myself to do something I love and I saw this week that there are people who are willing to spend a few moments of their day supporting me. It is the reality of so many abstract conversations I’ve had both in my head and with my husband and mom about knowing there was something I needed to do but feeling like I would never know what it was. This new reality is mine to create but it is only because I took the first scary, and abnormal step.

Dig deep and honestly challenge yourself. The first step is hard but if you remain open you will find that there are so many people who have taken that same step and are willing to walk with you.

As a thank you to all the strong women I met today I wanted to pass along some of their business info for you to check out.

Diabetic Mama of Twins fueled by my family, working out, eating, dog walking, getting lost in the woods and insulin. Writing to share the journey this Type 1 diagnosis has taken me on since 2007.

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