A Day At The Races Diabetic Mom Style: Diabetes Doesn’t Care If You’re Busy

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I walked into my house yesterday afternoon and I was quickly reminded of our morning as I saw a kitchen covered in dishes, school papers and the remnants of changing a glucose sensor.

The chaos continued as I stepped into the bathroom to see the floor covered in my gym clothes from before the sun came up, and an assortment of makeup and hair products strewn across the sink. In the unmade bed laid a doggy who looked up as I walked in as if to say “Is this morning over?”

Wednesdays are a busy day in the Kaptur house as I have the wonderful opportunity to volunteer in my girls classroom for 2.5 hours in the morning and after school we typically go next door to the YMCA to work on homework and have a snack before Maisy’s baton class and Ellie’s hockey practice.

We all circle back around the house and end the day with dinner about a half hour before bedtime. It’s a crazy day but it is one day a week and the girls are doing things they love.

Yesterday had a few things added to the schedule. I had to meet with the girls’ teacher at 7:45am, an hour before school, for conferences (they are doing so well!!). Take our morning routine and put it on fast forward, all the same tasks, just faster and with more panic.

Shortly after I finished volunteering at the school I had to pick up Ellie to have her braces put on (which she was super excited about. The pain has started today but she is taking it like a champ). This was followed by a quick run back to the house to get her some tylenol in anticipation of the oncoming mouth pain.

Drop her back at school, talk to my dad about a hotel market study, pick up the pieces of the house from the morning, walk my pup, conference call, and back to school to get the girls.

Let it be very clear, I am not complaining. This is life and there are plenty of days like these mixed in with plenty of days when I have far more than five minutes for a complete thought.

This is also life whether I am diabetic or not. Diabetes does not sit quietly and fade into the background because I have a busy day. My focus on my health and on my diabetes does not take a backseat because I have a tight schedule.

There are a few things that I want to point out in the video connected to this post.

Most obvious, the glucose sensor site change parafunalia. Glucose sensors have a one week lifespan. After the one week mark they turn off and no longer work until you put on a new one. Notice it is all over my kitchen counter, there was no time to put everything away in its proper place but my sensor was changed and my pump was able to keep delivering my insulin in the best possible way for my treatment.

There is a lunchbox on the counter. Lunch was consumed in the parking lot of the orthodontist office. It consisted of veggies and dip, turkey, ham and cheese, some popcorn, and a half a trail mix bar.

It was not gourmet, it was not glamorous but it put the most important nutrients I needed into my body so that I could have the best possibility to keep my blood sugars in check. This food was packed in less than 10 minutes the night before and thrown into my lunchbox as we were running out the door. I truly believe there is very little excuse to grab food at fast food restaurants or to not eat.

Everyone has ten minutes to give themselves a moment of nutrition in their day.

As a diabetic my schedule in many ways revolves around food. This is a choice.

I put my diabetes first and make eating a priority because I know that taking the time to eat will allow me to be better at everything else. I am of no use to my kids if I am dropping low or frustrated because of high sugar readings.

My gym clothes haphazardly covering the bathroom floor as if I vaporized out of my shorts. Most days I am up by 4:40am to get to the gym by 5:00am. Working out is a part of me. I do it because I love it, I do it because it is therapeutic, I do it because it makes me feel powerful, I do it because it makes my diabetes just a little easier to control.

Even if it means waking up early, getting dressed in the kitchen, and stepping out into the cold, minutes after I crawled from my warm bed, it is worth it because it is time spent improving myself and making my health a priority.

Some days life is most certainly harder than others and some days diabetes is most certainly harder to live with than others, but when you live with this disease you learn very quickly that there are no coast days.

You are not given the luxury of taking a day off. This disease is an every minute of every school event, doctor visit, grocery run, conference call, house cleaning, dinner cooking, spin class, dog walking day and only I can choose my priorities and how well I choose to care for myself.

Diabetic Mama of Twins fueled by my family, working out, eating, dog walking, getting lost in the woods and insulin. Writing to share the journey this Type 1 diagnosis has taken me on since 2007.

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