If You Take An Insulin Pump To The Beach…

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If you take an insulin pump to the beach…

  • You’re going to need to change your site at least eight hours before you leave because the water and sunscreen will undo the adhesive.
  • If the adhesive does give up on you, you’ll need to pack extra infusion sites and skin tac wipes. And if you bring one extra you will bring three, because one site might not work.
  • If you bring extra supplies you will also need to bring extra insulin.
  • If you bring extra insulin and supplies you will need to keep them cool.
  • If you need to keep them cool you will need a cooler and you will watch that cooler like a hawk to make sure that it stays in the shade like a baby without sunscreen.
  • If you bring a cooler you will also need to fill it with snacks…not for your kids, but for you, because heat and swimming can make your blood sugar tank.
  • Speaking of kids, if you take an insulin pump to the beach and there is a kid within 500 feet, they will see your pump.
  • If a small child sees your pump they will stare at it like you have a Disney movie playing on your skin.
  • If they get close enough to you they will point and they will boldly ask you “what is that?”
  • If they ask you about your pump you cannot ignore them. They will ask until they get an answer and you will need to scramble to explain a complicated disease and medical device in less than 100 words on a Sesame Street level. (the terms magic machine or robot seem to be easily accepted)
  • If an adult sees your pump or glucose sensor many will behave like children and stare while pretending they are not. They will not ask you questions but sometimes you wish they would so that more people would understand this crazy disease and maybe help diabetics they know.
  • And lastly, if you take an insulin pump to the beach, you will leave with odd tan lines around your pump site and sensor site. These will amuse your husband.

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