Happy Sensor Change Day!

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Most people who know me have seen my insulin pump hanging around my waist, but for the past year I have been wearing a continuous glucose monitor as well. This little guy is best friends with my pump and they are constantly communicating and discussing the amount of basal (tiny continuous doses) insulin I need throughout the day. I still calculate my meds for food but this little guy does his best with everything else.

These basal doses used be a shot in the dark throughout the day as me and my doc would have to manually program them. Now a small wire-like sensor sits under my skin for a week and uses Bluetooth to talk to my pump every five minutes.

The best part of all this is that when my sugars start to drop low an alarm goes off so I can see it coming. Kinda like an alarm before a car accident. This has changed my life at night as waking up to a blood sugar of 45 with sweats, shakes and blurred eye-site is not fun.

Today is sensor change day and I thought that perhaps someone out there might be curious as to what it takes to change this guy once a week.

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Happy sensor change day!

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