Packing My Bags and My Heart: Vacation Starts When I Board The Plane

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As I write this I am on hour nine of the ten hour flight from Milwaukee to Honolulu.  My husband and I are on our first long vacation without our girls and the longest vacation we’ve taken since our honeymoon. 

The week leading up to this trip was filled to the brim with packing, grocery shopping, house cleaning, a school valentine’s day party, my pup’s birthday, and of course a random snow storm and school closing just for fun.  My mother in law is coming to stay with our girls who will be on school, hockey and baton duty for the week.

I am a mom of lists so daily schedules, washing machine instructions, and phone numbers are all written out on our kitchen counter.  On one of our six snow days this year the girls and I made four different dinners for the freezer so they can be quickly thawed and heated. 

As I got ready for this trip I entered a new phase of mumming.  I realized that my brain could not comprehend our actual trip until I knew that everything was ready for my kiddos. It was impossible to push my brain beyond our flight as I planned out and prepared everting for the girls. 

I recently heard that the love for your kids is like a physical feeling in your heart and this week I felt that full force.  My kids are like my third and fourth arm and it amazed me how I am no longer able to put anything before their care and their well-being.

Momming does not come with an on/off switch.  It is a full-time every minute, every breath, piece of your inner core. 

Now as I sit on this plane I miss them both but I left the house knowing that I did as much as physically possible to make sure they were all set for the week and most importantly I know without a doubt that they know how much mommy and daddy love them.  So now after a few movies, a good book and at least a half dozen naps we are entering vacation mode and ready for what promises to be a fantastic adventure. 

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